Russell Gilbrook Drum Masterclass

Following the success of the  previous years, Crash Drum School is putting on its third annual event. Below are the details.

Russell Gilbrook, drummer of Uriah Heap

CRASH DRUM SCHOOL presents a drumming masterclass with Russell Gilbrook (With Special Guests)

30th January 2012, George V WMC, Castleford

Doors will open at 6:00pm and the show will begin at 6:30pm with tickets on sale at a cost of £5 per person.

For booking you can email Rockit MMS via the contacts page or tickets will also be available on the door on the evening.

About Russell Gilbrook
Over the last few years Russell has been establishing himself on the UK clinic tour scene and impressing many with his unique brand of performing and teaching. He has supported artists such as greg bissonette and completed a tour with Liberty Devito.

Russell is now a member of the legendary rock band Uriah Heep and is looking forward to embarking on their world tour with their new album "Wake the Sleeper".

Not content with just playing, Russell teaches on the Musicians channel on Sky and holds a position at the brighton Institute of Modern Music; he has also published several teaching guides. Russell has co-designed with Marrell the kickbeaters that he plays.

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