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at CRASH Drum School

Hi there!
I'm Adam Swales.
Drummer, Educator  & Development Coach.

'At the age of 8, I persuaded my parents to let me have a drum kit. Little did I know, banging on the back seat of the car to Bon Jovi would be my one-way ticket to discovering my true passion.'

'That single moment led me to the drum school I am fortunate to run today!'


Looking back, I sure as the day wasn't a natural when it came to playing the drums. But with years and years and countless hours of dedicated practice, I now possess the skills and mindset to help others on their own journey.


Yes, I struggled playing the drums, but I loved playing, so no amount of practice was ever too much. I never really saw it as practice, it was just time spent doing something I enjoyed. If you are new to drums or at a point where you feel you have hit a brick wall, I get you.


This is why I am so passionate about teaching. We are all on the same journey. I see my students at a point in their drumming time-line and put myself in their shoes, empathising with their struggles and frustrations.


I realised that my gift wasn't playing the drums, that is my struggle. My purpose was to teach….


Passionate about learning, I never stop. With over 25 years playing and 15 years teaching experience, not only have I grown as a player but educator as well. Each day I continue to learn through practice, lessons and reading books.


Do you want to know what lights me up? Making people feel, own, and celebrate their talent and confidence because sometimes this journey can get lonely, we spend most of our time on our own practicing this instrument we love.


If I can be that permission granter in a students life that gets to say: you really can do this while inside they feel doubt then I consider my job done.


With over 10 years teaching experience, 100's of students and 1000's of teaching hours, knowing how to turn this around and into a positive is where I thrive.


If this sounds like you, I want to help build that bridge between that unchecked dream you put on the shelf or spark the flame of a life long passion to becoming the rock legend you know you have inside.


I have loved every minute and will continue to grow each end every day, no two days are the same and remain as enthusiastic as ever. I am privileged to be doing something I am passionate about and call it my job.


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